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Nut Roll - Marie's Signature Product!


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Nut Roll - Full Size                                                 
Our Signature Product! Each hand made nut roll is packed to bursting with a mix made from the finest California grown English Walnuts. We grind the walnuts ourselves to insure that only the highest quality nuts are used in our nut rolls. By selecting the best walnut halves and pieces--to extract the best nut flavor and oils--we are able to control the consistency and flavor of each batch. The ground nut meal is then blended with the other ingredients that make up Marie's delicious filling. The filling is spread over the entire dough round before hand rolling the finished nut roll. Packed so full the filling sometimes bursts through the light, pastry like dough. Just like Grandma's!

  • Family Size Roll
  • Average12"                                            
  • Packed End to End
  • Hand Rolled
  • Home Made Taste
  • Makes a Great Gift!

From Patti in Ohio:

     I cannot thank you enough for bringing back so many wonderful memories of our family's baking.. I used to help my mother-in-law in the making of the nut roll. Whether it was for the holidays, weddings, graduations we would share this time together. My niece graduated this past June and I surprised the family by bringing your FAMOUS nutroll. Let me tell you it was the HIT of the party and we again shared some fabulous stories from days gone by. We are from Youngstown, Ohio but now live all over and just knowing I can order your wonderful nutroll at anytime is just AWESOME!!

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  • Manufactured by: Marie's Nutcracker Sweet, Inc.

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Frequently asked questions

    • Q
    • I would like to know if you use sour cream in your dough as a friend of mine has dietary restrictions. Could you tell me the main ingredients in the dough mixture.

      asked by NANCY PARSONS-ULRICH on March 31, 2014

    • A
    • Yes we do use sour cream in the dough. Full nutrition information for the nut roll can be found here: Nutrition Info

    • Q
    • What is the average/approximate weight of your $12 nut roll?

      asked by Mary Kay Barsdate on December 04, 2014

    • A
    • The 12" Nut Roll weighs between 1.25 and 1.5 pounds.

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