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Wednesday 09 December, 2009

I just ordered your nut rolls, I have not tasted them yet, but having family from Windber. I knew if they were from Johnstown they HAD to be good.
Great idea to remind everyone to add site to their favorites.
I will let you know how they are, my mother-in-law (Windber,PA.) made the best and she was from Slov.
Thanks for being here.
Testimonial By: Marilyn Eckerman — lebanon, pa

Wonderful !!!

Sunday 18 October, 2009

I've been to many bakeries where they claim "We have the best nut rolls". I tried them and was often disappointed. Your nut rolls, however, [go] above and beyond! FABULOUS! Mom, Dad, and my brother and I all loved them! Dad has not tasted a nut roll that he has liked in 20 years. Whoever is reading this BUY THESE NUT ROLLS. You will NOT be disappointed!!
Testimonial By: Tory Dzuricsko — Monroeville, PA

Delicious Creamy Filling

Thursday 08 October, 2009

I am full blooded Polish and have lived my life surrounded by Polish baked goods and cooking. My grandmother taught my mom and aunts how to make the fabulous nutrolls and poppyseed rolls. We have rolls for every occasion and sometimes just for the fun of it. My mom and aunt continue to carry on the tradition. I wanted to give your rolls a try and I give you an A+ rating. And that comes from someone who knows about rolls. Your filling is so creamy and delicious and the outside of your rolls have a perfect texture. Even though I can have homemade rolls at any time, I will continue to order rolls from you for I love the little flair that your rolls have. Marie you must have some Polish in you to do such a great job!!
Testimonial By: Geri B — Hastings, PA

Best ever!

Wednesday 04 February, 2009

Don't tell my mother but Marie's nutrolls are the best we ever tasted. I now take a variety home for family get togethers and then the topic for the day is to figure out all the ingredients that make hers so special. We always have one in the freezer for any unexpected company and any flavor is a hit. My most recent favorite is the pineapple cream cheese for breakfast or brunch. We love all of them!!
Testimonial By: MaryLou Astorino

Incredible !!

Thursday 22 January, 2009

Originally I am from Natrona, PA and raised in a Slovak-Polish community. I
just received 2 of your nut rolls and they were in short order consumed by
my family including my son Chris from Brooklyn who was recently visiting. It
was his suggestion to find a nut roll that tasted like Grandma's. Mrs.
B. C. passed away in 1999. Well, the votes are unanimous. You
are the only baker that equals my mother's nut roll. They were incredible.
Be prepared for more orders. Thank you and keep it going.
Testimonial By: Frank C. — Warriors Mark, PA

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